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buildingSMART PCERT Foundation Basic (openBIM®)

Part of the buildingSMART Professional Certification (PCERT) program.
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Course Outline


What is BIM?

what BIM is, why it is needed, and learn its terminology​


Benefits of BIM

compared with traditional project delivery


BIM processes

for project information management per ISO 19650


openBIM® standards

supporting interoperability and data sharing


Processes within an organization

to build and measuring BIM capabilities


Newly update exhibits

with additional horizontal infrastructure examples



augmenting the online material with real-time review, question, and answer session with SBI instructors

Course Description

This course benefits anyone connected with BIM-empowered projects — openBIM® extends the benefits of BIM (Building Information Modeling) by improving the accessibility, usability, management, and sustainability of digital data in the built asset industry, including horizontal infrastructure and vertical building types. At its core, openBIM® is a collaborative process that is vendor neutral. openBIM® processes can be defined as sharable project information that supports seamless collaboration for all project participants. openBIM® facilitates interoperability to benefit projects and assets throughout their lifecycle.

This self-paced online course includes learning material, self-administered quizzes, 90 minutes of online real-time colloquium with the training provider, and a 30-minute online examination.

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A thought, feeling, a purpose and a passion: Goal Achievement! Success is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love what you are doing. Special thanks to Strategic Building Innovation for their support and enriching training.

Najib Adouane

Office BIM Manager

It is a very well-structured course. You can do it at your own pace online. Take quizzes as if you are playing games. I like the colloquium, the face-to-face part very much. You can ask questions which will then be addressed by Calvin and his team. My dream is to promote BIM literacy in Hong Kong. 

Ada Fung

After completing the Foundation-Basic (openBIM®) course provided by SBI for buildingSMART, I would recommend it to my industry peers. The course was self-paced, online and in a format that met my needs. The information was relevant and equipped me with a broader understanding of BIM and its importance to the Civil Infrastructure industry.

Patrick Lane

Montana DOT

The colloquium was well presented and i feel like it emphasized the key points of the course. Thank-you for all the excellent coordination during the course and the exam. It made for a very great experience.

Andrew Neilson

Architectural Technologist with Shift Architecture Inc


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