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Tip #9

Review meeting progress and stay on topic

When participants expect to join a meeting for specific discussions, it is important for the meeting to stay on topic. When an issue cannot be resolved in time, agree to committed next steps to ensure the issue does not lose its place, and move on to the next agenda item.  


Tip #8

Distribute agenda with durations before the meeting

A high participation rate does not equate to time spent efficiently. Include topic durations for the agenda to increase efficiency with the limited communication channels, especially with virtual meetings, by allowing contributors to join the meeting right before their attention is required, and dismiss themselves when they are no longer required.  


Tip #7

 Track your actions

Understanding the key roles in each agenda topic help teams establish next steps with leads and due date.  


Tip #6

Know when and how to participate in meetings

Inviting relevant contributors to each agenda topic can help participants make informed decisions about when and how they should be prepared to contribute during the meeting.  


Tip #5

Assign key roles to each agenda topic

Note each participant's role (Topic Lead, Presenter, Decision-maker, &c.) for each meeting topic so they know when 100% attention is required. This helps avoid blocking an entire meeting in everyone's calendar.  


Tip #4

Assign key roles to each agenda topic

After a collaborative and fruitful meeting, be sure to capture great ideas, recap on decisions made, and establish next steps.  


Tip #3

Vote for ideas

Hear all input and gather opinions that will inform decisions.  


Tip #2

Be prepared to collaborate in meetings

Meetings are more productive when participants are well informed and prepare to share thoughtful input.  


Tip #1

Teamsource meeting agenda, information, & notes

Distribute a clear agenda well in advance of the meeting, and invite participants to contribute reference materials and notes, ideally affording all participants time to review and prepare for the meeting.